Spotify MOD APK v8.10.9.722 Unlocked | Ad-Free


Do you want the Spotify Mod APK? Yes! Then you are in the right place. I told you if you used Spotify APK you would face a problem showing ads repeatedly.

I solved your problem and gave you the latest Spotify Premium APK, which does not show ads, lists unlimited favorite songs, and does not charge any subscription.

Spotify MOD APK



Music  & Podcasts

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com. Spotify. music





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Unlocked, Ad-Free


76.6 Mb



Up Date

01 / 03 / 2024


Android 5.0



Spotify MOD APK

Mod APK of Spotify is a premium function used over the phone that does not show ads and plays millions of podcasts and music worldwide.

Search your favorite songs, select your favorite singer when you like, and create a separate playlist for your favorite songs and qawwali. Share playlists with friends on Android phones ,tablets and PC.

You can search for songs in the overall world.


I explain the features of the Spotify Mod APK below. All premium features are used for free, and you unlock the next and previous song and volume control. For example

No Ads Show

When listing the song, everyone wants to avoid showing ads on their devices. This solution in the Mod version is ad-free and does not face any disturbing issues as it lists music.

Offline Music Download

Spotify Premium APK allows you to download songs and use them offline when you want to listen to them without internet access.

Unlimited Music

When you use Spotify APK, it only allows six songs per hour. I provide a solution for the song limit increase. Then, download the Spotify Mod APK and listen to unlimited songs.

Sound Quality

Premium sound quality selects your favorite songs, does not force you to shuffle, and increases the listening experience.

320kbps music Listen clearly and enjoy your song.

Root Not Required

Most apps available on the market require your device to be root-unlocked, but installing Spotify Mod APK does not require root.


Find and listen to your favorite Song & podcast here

Spotify 23 April 2006 found in Sweden. Spotify Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, and Oceania are available.

Active Users

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Spotify Mod APK

Installing this Spotify APK does not require any technical knowledge. I will give you a step-by-step guide with images. Are you ready? Let’s go…

Step 1 >>> Download

First, click on button the “Download” button, then start downloading. After a few seconds, the APK file will be downloaded to your device.

Spotify download
Spotify install

Step 2 >>> Install

After downloading the file on your device, click install, and then your device will show a message in your Chrome settings. Click on the setting button, then a new window opens and shows the message “Allow from this source.” With the show optional button, click on the button Allow this permission.

Then a new window opens to show the option “Install.” Click on Install, and your app will install in a few seconds.

After installation, a new window displays two options: “Done” and “Open.” Click on the second option to open your app on your device.

Spotify create account

Step 3 >>> Create Account

Complete the installation and open the app on your device. Then show a window with four different options.

The first option is “Sign up for free.” Then you click on this button to open a new window showing the message, “What’s your email address?” and the other option inputs “Your email address.” Then you enter the email and click the “Next” button.

Spotify enter email
create strong p

Show a new window message “Create a password.” Create a unique password of at least eight characters.

After creating a unique password, click on the “Next” button and show the window message, “What’s your date of birth?” Then you select your date of birth. After selecting the date of birth, click on the “Next” button.

select date of birth
select gender

Show a new window message “What’s your gender?” Select your gender. After selecting your gender, open a new window.

The new window shows your name, reads the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and clicks “Create an account”.

privacy policy
human verification

After reading the privacy policy, the developer makes sure that you’re a human. Check that you are not a robot. Verification: Are you human?

After creating the account and then showing the singers list, you select at least choice three. After selecting three singers, your app is ready to play the song.

select singer
start listening

Great Picks!

We have made a playlist to get you started. Click on “Start Listening” to listen to your favorite singers.

Play music that you love. Search for artists, songs, playlists, and more that are all available.

play song
Spotify MOD APK

Step 4 >>> Google

In this step, I guide you to create an account with “Continue with Google.” Then, show your selected email and continue reading the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Create an account. After creating an account, select three favorite singers, and your app is ready for use.

Step 5 >>> Facebook

In this step, I guide you to create an account with “Continue with Facebook.” Then, show your Facebook ID, select ID, and continue reading the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Create an account. After creating an account, select three favorite singers, and your app is ready for use.

sign up with Facebook

Step 6 >>> Language

When you want to listen to another language, you select your favorite language, click the “Next” button, and enjoy the song without any interruption.


If your account is already on Spotify, then you do not create an account on this email; please use a different email address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spotify Premium APK is a modified version of the official Spotify application that provides users with premium features without a paid subscription.

The Spotify app’s premium features include ad-free listening, offline downloads, higher audio quality, and the ability to skip tracks without limitations.

I have used this app, and its stability and performance are excellent. This app does not have any security risks, and the app is updated.

Have you downloaded the updated version of the Spotify mod APK available on my website?

Have you downloaded the updated version of the Spotify mod APK available on my website?

You can download it for free and use its premium features for free without any subscription.


The app provides solutions without showing any ads. Listening to his favorite songs and downloading unlimited songs played without the internet. Play sound without of Internet provides good-quality songs.

The app shows the singer’s name and you choose your favorite singer when you listen.